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Often when I tell people that in a few years, we will be seeing people living to 130 years old, I get mixed reactions. The reactions are not really of excitement as I would hope for but of uncertainty. People often tell me that they don't want to live that long. I feel that they have this image of illness and isolation if someone gets to that ripe old age. That however should not be the case. We should be excited that in the last few years, there has been burgeoning research on longevity, nutrition, genetics and neuroscience. Now, we are finally seeing evidence that diet, sleep, exercise, social interactions and environment contribute to our wellness, happiness and longevity.

I believe that if we manage our health and relationships properly, we will be able to achieve a long and healthy life. We should embrace this with excitement and not with fear.

In the next few weeks, I will be posting on specific topics that will help you understand the science behind wellness and longevity as well as how to practice these in your life.

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